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Burj Delhi BD--Fried Onion--Call-08079486117

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Burj Delhi BD is a brand name associated with quality, excellence and leading ethnic in Fried Onion, Pyaz-Onion Granules, Dehydrated Fried Onion Flakes, Dried Onion Flakes, and Fresh Fried Onion brands. Burj Delhi BD is brand grow in popularity and reach to become one of the India’s best selling. The CLICK BAZAR famous E-commerce market Place in Delhi-NCR which delivers the products on time with COD facility is Our sister concern company . www.clickbazar.biz We are coming Online to AMAZON, GODREJ NATURE BASKET, ONE KIRANA , BIG BASKET, CLICK BAZAR AND GROFERS TOO. In a brand of Burj Delhi range of Dehydrated Onion flakes brown, Dehydrated white onion flakes , Dehydrated red onion flakes, Onion Pastes, Fried Onion granules , Ginger powder, Garlic powder has been a household name short period. As well as our premium Fried onion and onion flakes now brings together the finest of ingredients and condiments to ensure that every Mughlai meal you serve is delicious. Burj Delhi ensures that highest quality products at the most competitive prices. A visionary entrepreneur, helped pave the way to success by pioneering in the spice business with a single room operation. Our mission is to provide our consumers with supreme standards of product quality, safety and consistency. At Burj Delhi products across all categories are manufactured, packed, stored and transported under the most hygienic conditions. Our Quality Control department regularly monitors the different phases of production from research & development to packaging and distribution. Burj Delhi started its operations in 2014, as a fried onion processing company, later diversified to various food products like dehydrated onion flakes brown, onion flakes white , Fried Onion granules ,Fried onion Pastes, Ginger powder, Garlic powder . Today our products are the part of thousands of kitchens in different forms worldwide. . Burj Delhi has given unwavering attention to quality control and customer satisfaction. Burj Delhi in a way redefined the Indian culinary art, and diverse legacy of the Indian kitchen, and has been delivering the authentic and incredible taste for more than three years. As a part of research, it is proved that our hand-fried onion have its own taste, which retain the aroma and flavour. We are trying to fill this void of ingredients reduce time spent in the kitchens, foster health and contribute towards a positive and a more rewarding lifestyle. Burj Delhi looks forward to come up with more products like Green chilli paste , Dehydrated ginger, Ginger paste, Garlic paste, Dehydrated garlic flakes , Tomato puree, Tomato paste and more… that enhance the taste of every dish and the reputation of every Indian woman. Spent in kitchen smooth and pleasurable. We wish you a sumptuous journey across the pages.

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Onion flakes are a convenient
Onion flakes are a convenient way to add onion flavor that’s always pure and natural to any recipe, its flavour, aroma, and texture in your dishes. Limited Offer For Chefs | Restaurants | Caterers B...
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Burj Delhi BD Fresh Ginger Powder
Burj Delhi BD Fresh Ginger Powder
Burj Delhi Garlic Powder Fresh
Burj Delhi Garlic Powder Fresh
Golden Fresh Fried Onion Granule (Brown)
Golden Fresh Fried Onion Granule (Brown) INR  350 INR  331.5
-5.29 %
Dehydrated Dried Fried Onion Flakes
Dehydrated Dried Fried Onion Flakes INR  350 INR  281.5
-19.57 %
Dehydrated Fried Onion Flakes
Dehydrated Fried Onion Flakes INR  310 INR  295.6
-4.65 %
Dehydrated Red Onion Flakes
Dehydrated Red Onion Flakes INR  300 INR  277
-7.67 %
Golden Fresh Fried Onion ( Brown )
Golden Fresh Fried Onion ( Brown ) INR  350 INR  306.5
-12.43 %